I’m  Elina Vale, a writer of fantasy adventures and romance. Also, I always have mystery elements in my books, as I love to show my characters solving puzzles and revealing secrets. Besides being a writer, I’m a wife, a mother of two kids, and the owner of two cats. I sing in a choir and just started Karate lessons. 

I have been writing more or less my whole life, but after deciding to publish my works, I feel like a cork has been taken off and my stories just pour out. I have many tales stacked in my mind, just waiting to be written. I write fantastic action-filled stories about bravery, passion, heroes, villains, and of course–love.

I wish that my readers can dive into magical worlds and forget the troubles they have in this world. That’s what books have always been to me–an escape from reality– a portal to a dimension where magic exists, love wins, and where heroes can save the world. 


Writing is my greatest passion and I hope you enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoy writing them!