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The epic fantasy world of Shadear is filled with stories about fate, magic, and bravery. In this realm, the most powerful of all people are the senatai, ones who can wield magic. these legends tell a story about the cost of that kind of magical power and how sometimes the fate of the world is placed upon the shoulders of a few.

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Legends of Shadear
A novella

They cursed him, and it wouldn’t stop until Boa surrendered to their will.
But he would never be their slave.


The death of Boa Riverson's parents and a vicious curse cast on him in his youth has made him hateful against magic and everything related to it. The curse keeps him running across the land, but Boa has sworn to kill those who wronged him. One day Boa meets an old warrior, who says she can help him with the curse. Desperate to turn his life around, Boa joins her quest, but during their journey, Boa discovers that his life might have other, important but not necessarily welcomed purposes.


To lose the curse and to get away from his tormentors, Boa must work together with Eavan Firestone, a senatai, a user of magic. Can Boa overcome his hatred of magic and all the senatai, and will he find a way to get rid of the curse that has ruined his life?



This novella is part of the Legends of Shadear.


Legends of Shadear
Shri Moongale Book 1

Shri enters the Gate Run, a cruel, magical game offering only two outcomes: victory or death.

The city of Ironflare is in crisis. For years, the people of the Pit have been kept as slaves for Aldemar Krun, the city’s power-hungry High Master. Safe in the tower Spike with his magic-using senatai, he tampers with forbidden arts, plotting to spread his shadow across the kingdom.

The King is determined to end Ironflare’s autonomy, and he has sent his trusted allies Eavan Firestone and Boa Riverson, into the city, hoping to learn of its weaknesses. Eavan and Boa search for a way to disrupt the Spike, but they have discovered that Shri Moongale, a slave girl from the Pit, has an important role to play in the upcoming events. She needs to be rescued. They arrive in time for the Gate Run, a cruel game sponsored by the senatai. The challenge is meant to give the slaves hope for freedom, as those who complete it may join the senatai. Few have ever survived. 

Young Shri dreams of learning magic, of becoming a senatai and using her power to free the slaves from their plight. Unaware of her destiny, Shri enters the brutal Gate Run. Is her lifetime of preparation enough to overcome the challenges and betrayals that await her? 


The Gate Run begins the adventurous saga of Shri Moongale, filled with action, magic, and mystery.


Legends of Shadear
Shri Moongale Book 2

The voyage Shri is destined to take will reveal her true history... but is she ready to face it?

Free from the prison of Ironflare, Shri Moongale can finally begin to study magic, but it won’t be as simple as she hoped. Trauma from the Gate Run has repressed her talents, and she fears she may never match the impossibly high expectations she has placed upon herself. Worse, her family remains trapped in Ironflare, certain to be killed when King Magnus marches on the city in effort to break the tyrannical power of the Spike and its new High Mistress.

Desperate for the strength to rescue her family, Shri sets out on a quest to regain control of her magic. On the way, she meets new friends and unearths long-buried truths. But the revelation of an ancient legacy might be more than she can handle, as she must face the fact that she may have the power to save the Kingdom of Aviden… or destroy it.

Heritage is the second part of the Shri Moongale saga.


Legends of Shadear
Shri Moongale Book 3

From the depths and dismay, Shri discovers her greatest power. But will it be enough to defeat the growing darkness?

Finally, Shri Moon-Storm has the Heart of the Senatai, a magical wand that amplifies her magical powers enough to defeat the High Mistress.
Shri journeys back to Ironflare determined to prevent the war, rescue the enslaved people from the Pit, and destroy the Black Star.

But Shri doesn't know whom she can trust, and the weight of her responsibilities nearly suffocates her. All the pieces are moving towards the final confrontation, and soon Shri realizes that she is battling not only against dark senatai but against time.

Desperate to resolve everything, she makes drastic decisions that might cost her life and the lives of others. Can Shri control the growing power within, and what happens if she fails? Will she turn into a monster? When struggling with herself and the darkness around her, Shri's worst nightmares seem to become a reality.

In the end, will Shri learn to trust in the magic and in the others? Can Shri defeat the dark entity that threatens to swallow everything, and with what cost?

Black Star is the third and final part of the Shri Moongale saga.

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