So Much Fun

April 18, 2018

When I first started writing with more ambition and determination, when I first made a goal for myself that I will write a book(series) and get it published BY MYSELF as an indie-author, I had no idea in what mess I would get myself into.

Just write a book!

Nope. Didn’t work out like that.


Turned out that I need to navigate in this book-industry-wilderness filled with

  • Editors (are they legitimate, affordable enough for my budget, professional, and not cheaters)

  • Cover design (get a professional cover, try to find a cheap pre-made that fits your book idea, end up doing one yourself),

  • Social Media (what are the most important channels? What is a waste of my time and what channels actually help my sales?)

  • Publishing. ( E-book or paperback or both? Kindle Unlimited or wide distribution? How the hell this formatting is so time-consuming?)

  • Marketing (How on earth are you going to get your book out there, how to build a mailing list with zero money, how to market and where?)

  • Sales (Okay, the book wasn’t a one-night-wonder, then what? More marketing.)


And write more books. 


And do some more writing. And then some more.

What I think is the most important thing of all, is that I must remember to enjoy it. This is fun, actually. At this point, where my income isn’t depending on the sales and I have a full-time job, I must remember to have FUN.


Because it is just that!


Writing, creating stories, and worlds is fun and I love it, and secretly, I love all the other stuff too. Even the marketing. Even if they are hard and sometimes it all overwhelms me… but it’s fun. I have yet tried the ominous thing called “ the querying”. That may be the next step for me, at some point. But for now, I’m kinda having fun with all the challenges.



Bring it on, there's much to learn!


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