June 15, 2018

It’s my birthday! I’m 35 years old today. 

I have to admit, that I had a small age crisis yesterday. I was suddenly thrown back by the years (it’s been 25 years from the movie Jurassic Park!) and realized that this is it; We have just this one life and we really must make the most out of it. 


When I was 32 years old, I figured out that writing fiction is what I love to do. I wish I had found it out sooner because it would have been so much easier to pursue my dream when there were fewer responsibilities. But I also like to think that maybe I wasn’t ready for being a writer when I was younger. That maybe there was a reason why the Universe pushed me in this direction only now. 



"But isn’t it great to have dreams?

Aren’t I lucky that I have found my thing? I believe I am!"



Truth to be told, I really didn’t know myself when I was under thirty. Most of my late twenties passed by in hazy baby-business with my two munchkins. When I crawled up from under the baby vomit and diapers, I was kind of hanging on the loose and without a direction. I got a job as I should have, and we moved into a bigger home. But it always seemed that something was missing from my life. 

My thing was missing.


I believe that I'm in this for life and I’m pretty sure I can never quit writing ever again. I seriously hope I can do this as a profession someday and that I could support myself and my family doing what I love to do. I intend to work very hard to be there one day.


But isn’t it great to have dreams?

Aren’t I lucky that I have found my thing? I believe I am!


But now that I have found it, I will do what I can to keep writing books for the next 35 years. I hope you will stick around and witness my journey and growth as a writer. 


I'm not going to do much writing today, but I will drink some wine, spend some time with the family and later, I might grab a fun book to read.  A perfect way to spend my 35th birthday.


PS. I don't need any presents, but if you haven't yet done it - you could buy my book! ;)




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