End of the year reflections

January 2, 2019

I  usually get a bit sentimental and thoughtful during the last days of the year. I browse my photos and try to remember what good things happened this year. I also like to think what have I accomplished and where I could have done better. I try to think how can I do better next year and kind of take a look at myself: am I who I want to be? What I can do to become more like the person I want to be?


I never expect to change into a new me overnight. I don't think that is even possible. But I do try to take on at least one good habit and remove one bad habit. Small steps.


Here are my thoughts of the past year:




  • I published The Gate Run, my first fantasy novel on February. I’m really proud that I had the guts to push it through. I'm really proud that I wrote it, and managed to get it out there.

  • I wrote and published the novella Cursed Boa Riverson. I did that in a very short period of time. It’s a fun piece and I enjoyed writing it a lot.

  • I wrote the second book in series, Heritage, and started editing it.

  • In my personal life, I accomplished to keep some kind of balance in our family economy, even with many, many hardships over the year.

  • I also managed to keep some kind of balance between my daytime job, family time and writing. Though it is HARD.




  • I had set myself very big writing goals that I didn’t reach. I know the reasons for it, the biggest issues being time and money, as usual.

  • I didn’t sell enough books. Small marketing budget being the biggest reason.

  • Didn’t focus enough on my health and exercise

  • I didn’t give enough my time to my relationships


I learned


  • the importance of the people who support my writing

  • a lot about writing prose

  • some new things about myself: I actually have some business sense and I should use it more

  • that taking risks is the only way to accomplish anything in life

  • to knock out the imposter syndrome. 


I’m grateful for


  • The health of my kids and family. We have something-something bugging us grown-ups, but at least our kids are healthy and doing well in school and pre-school

  • My home. It’s my cradle of peace.

  • My ability to see the positive in future and being optimistic.

  • Being able to write



All in all, it was a huge year for me. Lots of ups and downs, lots of struggle in many ways but also much happiness, success after hard work, sunny days with kids, and fun times with my friends.
In February I came out from the "writing-closet" to my real-life friends and family. It was a relief to finally be who I really am. I don’t need to hide it anymore and people understand my willingness to stay home and focus on my writing instead of going out.


My wish for 2019 is that I will have even more time to write and that I could seriously focus on my writing business. I'm going to write another post about my goals for 2019 soon.


Happy New Year! 



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