Positive Vibes

February 1, 2019

It's February! I love the feeling of the arriving springtime; it brings positive vibes, and my energy levels always get a boost with the increasing amount of light.



I have been listening and repeating a different kind of positive affirmations for 31 days in a row. Strangely, I'm not rich or more successful author even if I have been saying these things to my subconscious mind every day...


But what repeating those affirmations have done to me is that they have given me peace of mind. 

And what I mean by it, is that I feel calmer. I feel like I can take everything that life throws at me with clarity and confidence. I don't regard any task too difficult or get desperate over the things I want to achieve. I also feel I'm more patient with my kids and more at ease at work. 




"I just have to wait and see what happens and take it as it comes. I can figure it out when I get there."




So far I'm liking the results I'm seeing; I am beginning to understand that I shouldn't worry too much about something  I can't control. If it's something I can't affect in any way, I just have to wait and see what happens and take it as it comes. I can figure it out when I get there.


Also, I have realized that it's up to me how I choose to feel or react to things. Sure, everyone has bad days now and then, but having this new mindset of making the choice myself to feel good has brought me to some new level of self-awareness. 


I have to say that I'm loving the results so far, and I can't wait what kind of levels of self-awareness is yet to come. 


With meditation, it's a bit more difficult. I'm struggling to find the time in my days to practice it. I would love to meditate in the morning, just before work, but I haven't had the space to do it. Early mornings when I just wake up could work, but they are hectic with kids and rushing to get to the bus on time. Evenings are filled with kids' and husband's needs and house chores. Excuses? I just have to create time for it.


Now, I must dive back to my writing. I'm currently going through the final edits for HERITAGE and soon it is D O N E. I can't believe it! My second book is almost finished. I have several exciting side projects going on and I'm really enjoying the writing process going on there.


I hope you have an amazing February! 




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