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This epic series of romantic fantasy takes you to an amazing adventure filled with action, romance, epic characters, and magical objects called Charmed Mechanics. Once the world knew magic, but it all has disappeared into history... why did the magic vanish? What happened all those years ago, and what happens when Gina is pulled into the adventure?



treasure hunter's heart - novella

No storm could tame the fire in her heart.

Young adventurer Tereus Manfred loves his carefree life traveling the world. But when pirates attack, he gets captured by a beautiful pirate, who forces him to serve her.

At first, Tereus craves his freedom, but as he gets to know his mistress Lissa better, his feelings for her turn in a dangerous direction. Lissa keeps Tereus at an arm's length with her deadly daggers and sharp tongue, and yet he is drawn to her like a moth attracted to a lethal flame.

When Lissa persuades him to escape the pirates and join her hunt for Charmed Mechanics, the mysterious magical items from the past, Tereus doesn't hesitate. He already traded his freedom for his life, but to gain it back, is he prepared to trade his heart? 

Fireheart is the prequel for Elina Vale's Treasure Hunter's Heart.


Treasure hunter's heart/ Book 1

I have secrets. I know something important about the magical Charms, and now someone wants me dead.

Not so long ago, I was living a pleasant double life being the respectable merchant's daughter by day and a sneaky jewel thief by night. But then one night, I stole a mysterious locket, witnessed a murder, and my whole life got a shocking turnaround.

The dying man's final request "Find Philip" still echoing in my ears, I stepped abroad of Mermaid and set out on this unbelievable journey.

Suddenly, my life is filled with magic, puzzles from the past, passion, and danger. Nicholas, the gorgeous treasure-hunter wants to know my secrets. I shouldn’t trust him, but I feel an unexpected connection to him, and he makes my blood run hotter whenever he is nearby. On the other side is Philip, the handsome adventurer whose smile makes my heart flutter. They are enemies, and I’m in the middle of it!

Ultimately, it might be up to me if the existence of magical Charms should be revealed to the world. How can I select the right path? But whatever I choose, I know it's not only my heart at stake here but the fate of the whole world.

Passion, love, and adventure mix in this fantasy series of magic and romance. The Charmed Locket is the first part of Gina's journey in Treasure Hunter's Heart-series.



Treasure hunter's heart/ Book 2

To prevent the war, I have to betray everyone I love.

The secrets keep piling up.

I had no idea what kind of things lay behind the Charms and the two groups, the Guild and the Divided, who battle of the dominion over them. But I know something important that might prevent a war, so how could I not do anything?

How could I just stand aside?

I’m terrified and worried. I’ve witnessed so many dreadful things already, so many horrors and betrayals… and now, I have become one of them. I lie, I deceive, and I do all that for a higher cause. But I need to be the first one to discover the book of all Charmed Mechanics. Because if I don’t, all might be lost. I will do whatever it takes to stop the war and conceal the truth–even from those whom I love.

I know I’m doing the right thing and yet, I feel like my heart is breaking. I need to go on my own, but every time he is close to me, my body betrays me and I get weak. I’m so alone with all my secrets, or so I thought...

Passion, love, and adventure mix in this fantasy series of magic and romance. Hidden Truths is the second part of Gina's journey in Treasure Hunter's Heart -series.



Treasure hunter's heart/ Book 3

I maybe lost the battle, but I haven’t lost the war. It’s time to confront my past.

I failed. The city was seized, and my world came crashing down. Like a scared little rabbit running from a fox, I hid.

But I’m still doing my part, even after everything–I went searching for the mysterious Maragnon’s Key to the far edges of the world, where I remained hidden for several years. Luckily, I have Uncle Mat and our secret project, which keeps me busy and my mind away from Nicholas and everything that happened. There is this handsome traveler Jerome, though, who hovers around me. I do like him, but I can never dare to let anyone get too close to me again. Not after losing so much.

I was pretty content in my new life with my secret project and my friend Jerome, until one of my treasure hunting expeditions failed miserably and I saw Nicholas. Something terrible happened and now I know I can’t hide any longer.

I know Nicholas needs me, but do I have what it takes to confront the Divided again? Regardless of how many years have passed, I still miss him. No matter what, I will show the world what the Charms truly are about, and at the same time, I will help Nicholas.

After all, I owe this to him.

Passion, love, and adventure mix in this fantasy series of magic and romance. Queen of Storms is the third part of Gina's journey in Treasure Hunter's Heart -series.



Treasure hunter's heart/ Book 4

I can hear the storm and I can hear the cries. It’s the melody I know well; it’s the song of death.


Leaving was the only choice. 


It felt like my heart was ripped in two when I left Nicholas and the rest. But this was necessary. I know what I am supposed to do. 


I have people on my side, and I know they would be there with me, but how could I let them suffer? What could they do? This is my task, set for me centuries ago, and doing it alone is the only way to finish this. I refuse to see any more people get hurt because of me. If I am the only one who can fix this, and if this mission will be the death of me… I am ready.


But when everything turns out to be a lie, I am forced to face my own weaknesses and mistakes. Suddenly, it is I who carry the burden of shame. 


Would my loved ones still stand by my side, after everything I’ve done? 

Passion, love, and adventure mix in this fantasy series of magic and romance. Song of Death is the fourth part of Gina's journey in Treasure Hunter's Heart -series.

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