This epic series of romantic fantasy takes you to an amazing adventure filled with action, romance, epic characters, and magical objects called Charmed Mechanics. Once the world knew magic, but it all has disappeared into history... why did the magic vanish? What happened all those years ago, and what happens when Gina is pulled into the adventure?



treasure hunter's heart - novella

No storm could tame the fire in her heart.

Young adventurer Tereus Manfred loves his carefree life traveling the world. But when pirates attack, he gets captured by a beautiful pirate, who forces him to serve her.

At first, Tereus craves his freedom, but as he gets to know his mistress Lissa better, his feelings for her turn in a dangerous direction. Lissa keeps Tereus at an arm's length with her deadly daggers and sharp tongue, and yet he is drawn to her like a moth attracted to a lethal flame.

When Lissa persuades him to escape the pirates and join her hunt for Charmed Mechanics, the mysterious magical items from the past, Tereus doesn't hesitate. He already traded his freedom for his life, but to gain it back, is he prepared to trade his heart? 

Fireheart is the prequel for Elina Vale's Treasure Hunter's Heart.


treasure hunter's heart/ Book 1

Murders, betrayals, love, and one magical locket with secrets


Heiress Gina Mansfred spends her nights as a jewel thief, delivering her profits to the poor. One night she unwittingly steals a locket that sets her on a dangerous journey to fulfill a dying man's last wish and to reveal long-forgotten secrets.


When Gina meets the mysterious Nicholas and the heroic Philip, she discovers her heart being as much in danger as is her life. Soon she finds herself in a battle between two men and two secret societies who struggle for control of the Charmed Mechanics, magical items known only from legends and bedtime stories.


Who will control the Charms and who will control her heart? Eventually, Gina learns that her decisions may not only change her destiny but affect the fate of the known world.


The Charmed Locket is the first book in Elina Vale's Treasure Hunter's Heart.


Treasure hunter's heart/ Book 2

To stop the war, she must betray everyone she loves.


Determined to stop Nicholas and the Divided from seizing control of her home city, Gina joins the Guild in their search of a tome that holds the secret for mastering magical charms. 


If the mystical book ends up in the wrong hands, the lives of thousands might be in jeopardy. Gina needs to secure the book before anyone else, but can she bring herself to deceive her new friends, including passionate but gentle Philip? 


The journey ahead is marked by pain and loss, and the secrets that Gina holds threaten to crush her from within. But in her struggles, she learns that she isn't as alone in the world as she believes... 


Hidden Truths is the second book in Elina Vale’s Treasure Hunter's Heart.


Treasure hunter's heart/ Book 3

When the world needs her, she must confront her violent past...

After witnessing the brutal uprise of the Divided, Gina hides away with her secrets and becomes an independent collector of dangerous Charms.

But when things go wrong on a treasure-hunting excursion and she meets Nicholas again, Gina has to abandon her current peaceful asylum to help him and the people in her home city. But she can't do it alone. Can she learn to rely on others and give up on the fear of losing them?

Ultimately it is up to her if the final mysteries of the Charmed Mechanics should be revealed. Gina realizes that to push through the storms ahead she needs to become tougher and that in the end...everyone is alone.


Queen of Storms is the third book in Elina Vale’s Treasure Hunter's Heart.